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This branch of dentistry deals with the restoration of abnormal teeth to their normal state and function. Restorative dentistry not only benefits a patient’s physical appearance, it is also important in maintaining healthy teeth. If problems such as gaps or other damages occur to the teeth or gums, they should be examined and treated in a timely manner in order to prevent further deterioration that could become hazardous.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is the best solution to singular missing teeth that improves the appearance and structure of your mouth. Implants are surgically embedded into the jawbone by a titanium screw, therefore looking and functioning just as your real teeth do. This service is efficient and effective in restoring your original smile.


Missing multiple teeth can come with several disadvantages. Not only is chewing food more difficult, your mouth is increasingly susceptible to deterioration, disease, and decay. Your mouth needs structure in order to function properly and in a healthy manner. A bridge is just that, a supportive structure that fills a gap and will keep existing teeth in place. Like implants, a bridge is designed to look like your real teeth, but unlike implants, it is not surgically embedded in your jaw. The bridge is firmly fitted and secured inside your mouth to act like your normal teeth, thus eliminating the chance of it falling out. Don’t leave your mouth wide open to health problems; let us bridge your gap.


Also referred to as caps, crowns are usually porcelain, tooth-shaped devices that are permanently worn over your natural teeth. The purpose of a crown is to strengthen damaged teeth and enhance the appearance of your smile. Crowns are used most commonly to mask a tooth if it’s broken, weak, has a filling, or to take the place of a regular tooth where a dental implant has been embedded.


If you’ve suffered the loss of all or most of your teeth due to genetic disorder, injury, disease, or another kind of insufficiency, you can rebuild your smile by letting us fit you for a pair of dentures. Using these artificial replicas to replace missing teeth will rehabilitate the functionality of your mouth and give you back a healthy-looking smile.

Root Canal

Root canals are commonly misconceived as dreadfully painful experiences. The procedure involves cleaning a diseased nerve canal or “pulp” of the tooth, in order to prevent the need for tooth extraction. While working with nerves can cause some discomfort, modern advances in dental technology have made pain sensations minimal to non-existent. Schedule your root canal with us; we’ll calm your nerves.

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